• Rainbow baby class concentrates on children between 3 months and 18 months of age. Our baby room is child orientated and provides a stimulating, colorful, safe and clean learning environment.

    The room consists of a sleeping area, and a play area which is equipped with age and stage appropriate toys and equipment. We understand that the early months are essential to developing routines and connections which will be beneficial later on in their education. Our teachers work in partnership with parents in developing these routines whilst ensuring that there is lots of cuddling, soothing, talking and singing this allows babies to feel safe and secure in their surroundings.

    We plan a range of stimulating activities daily which are linked to the British Early Years Foundation Stage and are designed to meet each child's individual needs.

    We promote working in partnership with parents ,for this partnership to be a success, it is crucial that good communication between home and nursery exist. To try and ensure this, we make available to parents a number of communication methods, include Daily Monitoring Sheets, together with the full camera surveillance of the class with recorded data which will be available to the parents to review just to ensure that our children is receiving the proper care we promised you.

  • sunflower caters to the needs of children aged between 18 months and 3 years. Here children are gently introduced to a classroom environment through play, stories, music and movement and classroom fun. Children begin having short 'mini lessons' which may have a themed vocabulary focus, a story and comprehension follow-up or a number and letter focus.

    These introduce children to basic concepts and also help them to become accustomed to sitting, listening and responding with suitable classroom behavior. Recognition is also given to the importance of play at this young age and the benefit of learning through play.
    Structured 'Individual Learning' sessions are timetabled into the day, where children are occupied with an educational activity such as puzzles, floor-play or activities to hone fine motor skills.

    Children are also given time in our 'Soft Play' area and the outdoor climbing area for some safe and monitored fun with friends and music allowing them to enjoy a varied and well-rounded day whilst being prepared for the slightly more structured timetable of the Pre-school age group (3+).

  • The curriculum covers all the five areas, formally introducing the children to reading and writing of the alphabets and the numerals. These children are well acquainted with the Montessori Philosophy and are ready for independent use of all Montessori material like sand paper alphabets and numerals, geometric cabinet, constructive triangle boxes, etc. The themes introduced serve as a preparatory phase to life and social sciences. Show and Tell is the favorite topic of most of the children wherein they subconsciously enhance their public speaking skills in a very casual manner. All the basic activities like work cycle, social skills, and grace, etc. are reinforced in the children regularly. Art and craft form an integral part of a child's overall development.

    We lay a lot of emphasis on this aspect in order to enhance the creativity of the child. The children have an easy access to different materials like play dough, finger printing, sponge painting, fruit & vegetable painting coloring, gluing, using glitters, sequences, ribbons , etc.

    We celebrate all the festivals irrespective of any religion exposing the children to different cultures through art and craft, non-fire cooking, and dress codes.

  • Yet all the classes are provided with puppet theater which helps the children to digest the story far more easily it also enhance the imagination of the children and build up their creative abilities which will further on , positively affect their socialites and personalities.

  • A specially prepared cinema room which is made to provide both entertaining  and educative material to all children accordingly with their age & stage.

  • Spacious indoor and outdoor play areas, all complete with carefully chosen (age & stage) appropriate equipment and toys., yet the indoor area contain the dramatic kitchen , library, art gallery and studio, and many other fun activities.

  • Tired , a little exhausted from all the playing , learning and fun …. No problem we also thought about that , as we prepare for you kid a cozy napping room to catch up a few minutes which we do believe is as important as other activities as it helps his little body and mind to recharge it's power and get back even more active and of course with a much better mood.

  • We provide our children with two separate dinning rooms where our children enjoy their healthy meals … they don't just enjoy having the meals yet preparing the meals themselves to build up their independency and enhance the healthy feeding habits …. Yet preparing these meals is always supervised and guided by the teachers to maintain their safety.


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