• We provide the unique security control system of using proximity card which will be just personalized for your child to enter and leave the academy through the entrance & exit gates of the nursery which only allows the parents for entering or leaving the nursery ; this of course is i addition to the normal procedures of picking up your child.



  • we make sure that every inch of the nursery whether indoor or outdoor is fully guarded through our camera system that guards the whole place 24/7 and soon enough we will be introducing the Parents live surveillance system online in which you can see your child from anywhere every second of the way as it happens and get back to the recorded videos if needed.

  • We provide three healthy delicious meals (Breakfast; Lunch & snack); these balanced meals are supervised by a pediatric specialized nutritionist; the menu is updated on weekly basis to bring the right varieties in place. Our meals are always fresh granted as we only provide our children with the fresh food ,of course this is also provided through the ultimate hygienic levels that we follows. All the kitchen equipment are sterilized after every meal to ensure maintaining the highest level of hygiene. Even juices are freshly made to ensure that our precious children are receiving right amount of vitamins, minerals, protiens and all other food elements that enhance their healthy growth. NB; the meals could be Customized based on your child's needs if any.

  • Throughout the weekends/ workdays you are most welcome to drop in your child for an hour or two or even the whole day. And of course once we are hosting your kid , he'll be provided by our delicious meals and he'll join his friends with the same age group . This service is also available for mums who are not registered with Cocoon. Worth to mention that we have our fun days in the weekends in which your child can enjoy all the fun activities while you can enjoy the day doing your preferred activities.



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